About the Website

This Neocities is a website made entirely by Sunny specifically for our art, projects, and anything related.

Fundamentally the website is, as a whole, a personal challenge that we can sink time into when we have nothing else going on.

As it stands we're using it as a sort of hub for all of our things in one place to be easily accessed. Having a single place with practically infinite customisation and freedom of expression is a pretty important thing to us, and this website fills that hole perfectly.

About Sunny

Sunny Harper is a system, we aren't going to explain what a system is or what plurality is because it's complicated and the experience can vary from person to person, but it essentially means multiple people in one head.

You can click on the buttons below for information on each individual headmate, though overall we're an 19 year old Australian game designer, artist, programmer, musician, writer, and most importantly very gay.